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The Templeton Institute Of Advanced Human Dynamics


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new iteration of the T.I. Web pages. Not only will this website hold the information from the old website(s) but hopefully, as a Wiki, will also become a sort of external brain for additional material needed by Your Arrogant Correspondent.

Ongoing Material:

  • The World Famous Crank Report: (an ongoing column of irregular production with an emphasis on Gaming topics. Special attention is paid to larp-related articles.)
  • Painted Corners: A BRAND SPANKING NEW blog of untold riches for the World of Darkness ST. Painting the corners of the world of darkness one mortal NPC, one mystical tome, one urban legend, one genius loci, at a time...
  • Acting for Larpers 101: Tips and tricks for upping your (performance) game at your Larp.
  • The Berkowitz Blog: Whatever that blood-drinking maniac is nattering on about lately.
  • The Slushpile: The Place where I put up stuff that doesn't fit in other places. 

Social Media Outlets:

My Facebook "Author" Page: Want to know exactly when I put new things on my various blogs and/or create new merch for the store below. I'm building an audience here.


My Twitter: It's not huge or anything, but if you're going to stalk me you're going to need the proper platform.



Ruthless Self Aggrandizement:

Games Writings:

Aeoniverse (One of the best pulp games imaginable. Contains characters, Knacks, gadgets, back-plots and all sorts of interesting stuff.) 

Clandestine (An espionage-flavored game utilizing the New World of Darkness as its primary engine.)

Broken Bits of Mirror (Older pieces and short stories from older systems and older games.)

Old World World Of Darkness Materials (Just what it says on the tin, almost a books worth of writing here.)

Open Casket Ceremony (A game I am building for Vampire: The Requiem, possibly for a chat game somewhere, someday.)


Old World of Darkness Archive: Since the Old World seems to be getting new material and has had a new energy devoted to it, I thought I'd dust off some of my old creations and throw them up here.


The New World of Darkness Slushpile: A place to stick the things I've written for the NWOD.



All writings on the site are copyright of T.I. None of these writings are to be reprinted without permission. These writings are not meant as a challenge to WWGS, Onyx Path Game Studio, (or any other game company) or any of their trademarks. 




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